is a Berlin-based initiative for theoretical and practical self-help in the matter of cacao & workmanship. The one and only rule is love and respect for Mother Nature. Long before Carl von Linné, who gave all plants their botanical name and named Cacao “Theobroma” (“food of the gods”), the seeds were holy to the Olmec, Maya and Aztec. We want to transform their complex nature into fine food. It starts with direct purchase of the best raw beans, which we select by hand, briefly roast by air circulation and process with small stone melangeurs. Berlin open source craftsmanship, transparency in regard to derivation and fermentation. Cacao beans that already in their original state embody a fine food. Chocolate that says why DIY is worthwhile.


THEO: 60 gram bar with whole handshelled beans

JUNGLE PLEASE: Half-processed fresh taste. 75, 80, 85 & 100% plus a Single Origin Criollo 78% from Tabasco/Mexico.

NIBBY: Half choc, half nibs. Very! Crunchy! 75% & Almond.

70+: Salt, Pepper, Cinnamon, Coffee, Liquorice, Cassis & Blood Orange.

NUTS GIANDUIA:  Very melty delights with 15% Almond or Walnut.

ZIEGENMILCH: Goat milk. Best & only Milk for Chocolate.

BEANS: raw and roasted
OTHER: Hazelnut-Spread and Rum made from our shells.

Custom bean-to-bar chocolate?

We produce very small batches so custom recipes are welcome. Starting from 50 bars everything is variable -- beans, roast, grinding, sugar, salt, nuts… just ask us!

Join us?

Our doors are open. Those of you interested in DIY bean-to-bar chocolate production are always welcome. Email us at for inquiries.


Freshness is of great importance and the products are always improved. For the actual catalogue mail us: We ship anywhere! Personally meet us in Markthalle Neun / Berlin-Kreuzberg:

Thursday 17-22 / Friday 12-18 / Saturday 10-18